Nov 26, 2014

fplutil - libraries and tools help developing for Android and other platforms

fplutil is a set of small libraries and tools that can be useful when developing applications for Android and other platforms.

  • build_all_android is an all-in-one build script that allows you to build, install and run native (C/C++) Android apps from the command line. This is ideal for build automation, but can also be in a developer’s compile/run loop.
  • buildutil performs the configuration, build and archive steps of Android and Linux C/C++ applications using a suite of Python modules. This suite of modules can automate builds in a continuous integration environment.
  • android_ndk_perf is a desktop tool that enables native (C/C++) developers to measure the CPU utilization of their applications on Android, guiding their optimization efforts.
  • libfplutil enables C/C++ developers to write traditional applications (like Hello World) using "main()" and "printf()" on Android.

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