Sep 20, 2014

App Indexing for Google Search

The App Indexing API provides a way for developers to notify Google about deep links in their native apps and allows the Google app, version 3.6 and above, to drive re-engagement through Google Search query autocompletions, providing fast and easy access to inner pages in apps. The deep links reported using the App Indexing API are also used by Google to index app content and are surfaced in Google Search results.

In this video, product manager Lawrence Chang presents an overview of the new App Indexing API for Android that lets you specify links -- through your app itself -- for App Indexing. It also gives you a way to re-engage users through Google Search App autocompletions. We'll provide step-by-step guidelines for how to get started. Take a few minutes and find out how to increase user engagement using the App Indexing API.


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