Jul 29, 2014

Android L Developer Preview - Camera2 API

Ankur Kotwal presents the Camera2 API in Android L, which is designed as a very flexible and unified pipeline for all camera related tasks. This API gives you direct control of the camera subsystem including autofocus, asynchronous burst captures and special effects.

Jul 24, 2014

Building Advanced UIs for Android Wear

How to write apps for Android Wear devices that need to support complex interactions with the user. This video will describe the navigational concepts that Wear apps should support in order to integrate well with the device and provide guidance on designing the UI flow of your app. Will also introduce a new UI widget library that allows app authors to create experiences with the same polish and consistency as the system UI. Using this library, app authors will be able to create "stream-like" UIs that provide the same physics and transition animations as the built-in "home" stream or search results stream.

In detail: This talk is meant to be largely around how to use GridViewPager in order to create "stream-like" experiences in apps for Android Wear.

Building Advanced UIs for Android Wear

Jul 15, 2014

Google I/O 2014 Highlights

Relive the best moments of Google I/O 2014, including the keynote, sessions, Developer Sandbox, and After Hours. The keynote and all I/O 2014 sessions are available at: google.com/io

Jul 1, 2014

Google shows L, the latest flavor of Android

At Google I/O in San Francisco, the company previews new design and new user interface features for Android. Dubbed "L", the mobile OS will give users a new look and feel, enhanced notifications, and better performance.

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