Sep 14, 2015

Get Started AdMob for Android in Android Studio

AdMob uses the Google Mobile Ads SDK. This guide will show you how to integrate the Google Mobile Ads SDK into a brand new app and use it to display a simple banner ad. It should take about thirty minutes to complete and will give you a good sense of how the SDK functions within an app. If you're new to Google Mobile Ads, this is a great place to start before moving on to more advanced examples.

Sep 9, 2015

Android Asset Studio

Android Asset Studio is a set of web-based tools for generating graphics and other assets that would eventually be in an Android application's res/ directory.

See the source on GitHub.

Sep 4, 2015

Google Android Developers Channel in YouTube

The home for videos, demos, tutorials, interviews, and anything else related to Android development. Android Developers channel at Youtube:

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