Jun 5, 2011


We can get our approximate location using TelephonyManager to get our phone connected Network Operator (MCC+MNC), cell id and location area code.

Refer to:
- Get Network info using TelephonyManager
- Get cell location on a GSM phone, getCellLocation()

Last post introduce "Convert cellLocation to real location (Latitude and Longitude)" using api at "http://www.google.com/glm/mmap". But it's a non-public, non-official api, as I know.

It's an open source project, OpenCellID, aiming to create a complete database of CellID worldwide, with their locations. It provides free access to tools, data to not only create this database, but also retreive location informations.

Here is a example how to get location with the following cell id:
  • mcc = 454
  • mnc = 04
  • cellid = 43191
  • lac = 7500

OpenCellID example

Alternatively, you can send with "fmt=txt" to request result in simple text format.
OpenCellID example in text format

In next post, I will have a example describe how to Get location of Cell ID, from opencellid.org using HttpGet().

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