Jul 15, 2012

Tailor made app for Google Patents Search with WebView

Google provide a nice service, Google Patents (http://www.google.com/patents). With Google Patents, you can now search the full text of the U.S. patent corpus and find patents that interest you.

It's a simple tailor made app to provide a short-cut to Google Patents.

Google Patents Search

package com.example.googlepatents;

import android.os.Bundle;
import android.app.Activity;
import android.view.Window;
import android.webkit.WebChromeClient;
import android.webkit.WebSettings;
import android.webkit.WebView;
import android.webkit.WebViewClient;

public class MainActivity extends Activity {

 String GooglePatentsPath = "http://www.google.com/patents";
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        WebView webView = new WebView(this);
        WebSettings webSettings = webView.getSettings();
        webSettings.setJavaScriptEnabled(true);  //enable JavaScript execution
        webSettings.setBuiltInZoomControls(true); //enable built-in zoom
        webSettings.setUseWideViewPort(true);  //use the wide viewport
        webSettings.setLoadWithOverviewMode(true); //loads with overview mode
        webView.setWebViewClient(new MyWebViewClient());
        final Activity activity = this;
        webView.setWebChromeClient(new WebChromeClient() {
         public void onProgressChanged(WebView view, int progress) {
          activity.setProgress(progress * 100);  

    public class MyWebViewClient extends WebViewClient {
     public boolean shouldOverrideUrlLoading(WebView view, String url) {
      return true;


Note: Permission of "android.permission.INTERNET" is needed.

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