Aug 24, 2012

Get 3gp link of Youtube video

The post "A simple example using VideoView to play 3gp from YouTube" describe how to play Youtube video in 3gp format on Android. But how can you get the 3gp link of Youtube video?

For example, you want to embed the 3gp video of "Google I/O 2012 - What's New in Android?" in your app.

Right click the video to copy Video URL.

Paste and open the link, replace the leading "" with "" to get the mobile version.

Corresponding mobile version of the video will be loaded. Right click on the video to Copy Link Address. It's the 3gp link of the video:


You can copy this link to replace SrcPath in the example "A simple example using VideoView to play 3gp from YouTube".


  1. Thanks ! This post solved my problem:)
    Very useful blog ..

  2. Ya k, but i have some problem, emulator shows cant play this video , during this error what can i do

    1. use actual device.....coz emulator desnt support live streaming...

  3. Hi I cant play this video in my Emulator,.am using Honycomb(API -12).

    I actually want to create application for Android Smart TV Box, and want to play RTMP or HLS streaming video in my app, How can I do that Please Help me, really helpless,.
    thank you.

  4. when i replace the URL "" with "".
    there is no change. Any help please?

    1. May be Google remove

      If you aim to play youtube video on Android, conside Implement Youtube Player using YouTube Android Player API.

  5. Thanks for such nice tutorial
    But in my application i want to run new movie trailers they are of high quality,i am not able to play them so could you please help me?
    Also could you send me the complete source code for it as i am beginner to android.
    Thank you...

  6. Thanks its really very nice......

  7. Thanks for your tutorial. May i know how to play several videos using youtube url?


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