Apr 4, 2013

Preparation for development with YouTube Android Player API

  • The YouTube Android Player API is an experimental API version, which means it is still in development, though we do not expect major interface changes. Until the experimental label is removed, the Deprecation Policy for YouTube APIs won't apply to this version as discussed in the API Terms of Service.

  • Download and install YouTube Android Player API

    - After download and unzip, copy the file YouTubeAndroidPlayerApi.jar from the libs folder in your unzipped files to /libs/ folder under your project.

    - Add the jar in your build path: Right click your project -> Properties -> Select Java Build Path on left -> select Libraries tab -> click Add JARS... button - Browse to select the added YouTubeAndroidPlayerApi.jar.

  • Register your application and obtain API from Google APIs Console.

    Check HERE your detail instructions.

  • Add <uses-permission> of "android.permission.INTERNET" in project AndroidManifest.xml.

  • If you use YouTubePlayerFragment, android:minSdkVersion have to be set "11" or higher.


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