Sep 8, 2013

Android-Universal-Image-Loader, a powerful image loading library for Android

The project Universal Image Loader for Android (Android-Universal-Image-Loader) aims to provide a reusable instrument for asynchronous image loading, caching and displaying. It support Android 2.0+ with tje features:
  • Multithread image loading
  • Possibility of wide tuning ImageLoader's configuration (thread executors, downlaoder, decoder, memory and disc cache, display image options, and others)
  • Possibility of image caching in memory and/or on device's file sysytem (or SD card)
  • Possibility to "listen" loading process
  • Possibility to customize every display image call with separated options
  • Widget support

Android-Universal-Image-Loader screenshoots
Android-Universal-Image-Loader screenshoots

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