Sep 22, 2014

Android graphics performance tips

Animations can be used for good or evil. They can either create rich and compelling experiences that help users understand and use the application, or they can demonstrate just how truly awful the performance of your application is as they stutter and jank all over the screen. "Turn it off! Turn it off!" your users will scream. But there's a better way. Graphics performance is at the heart of smooth and seamless animations: optimize your rendering performance and you can turn your users on instead of having them turn you off. 

Chet Haase is the lead of the Android UI Toolkit team, focusing on UI widgets, graphics, performance, animations, and everything else to help make great Android user interfaces. He enjoys taking a break from his real job occasionally to talk about Android at events like this one. His scribblings about Android and less relevant stuff can be found online at and @chethaase.

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